I am a full stack designer and developer with a strong focus on user experience.

I specialise in web application design and offer a range of complementary creative services.


I would do anything for love…

  • Web design and web app development
  • SilverStripe development and consulting
  • Custom websites with tailor-made CMSs
  • Graphic design and other creative services

…but I won’t do that

  • Cheap ‘n’ dirty websites (try SquareSpace)
  • Promise #1 on Google (I wear a white hat)
  • Wordpress (there are better platforms)
  • Eat cantaloupe (it's gross 🙃)

Positive vibes

Dean Rud

Working with Jono is a true pleasure. He provides astonishing value and brings world-class creative and problem-solving skills to the table on our projects. I’ve worked with web application developers for more than 20 years – Jono is easily one of the best there is.
Dean Rud, Technology Director @ Trigger Interactive

  • Kirsty Brooks

    Jono is an excellent troubleshooter and an absolute delight to work with. His knowledge, flexibility, and patience is completely invaluable.
    Kirsty Brooks, RSPCA

  • Catherine Harvey

    Jono is insightful and extremely easy to work with. We trust him implicitly to execute on time, in full and on budget.
    Catherine Harvey, Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo

  • Rosie Kerin

    I was thrilled with Jono's capacity to listen, discuss ideas, and work to a budget. I loved that he was always positive, accessible and happy to assist me.
    Rosie Kerin, WriteMe

  • Felicity Abbott

    We are absolutely thrilled with Jono’s work. He has a great eye for design, and created a clean, vibrant look which was perfect for our company.
    Felicity Abbott, Sticky Pictures

Secret work

A lot of the work I’ve done lately has been on apps which are not publicly accessible. If you’d like to see this work please get in touch and I’ll be happy to give you a demonstration.